The BitVault secure messaging is implemented using a private Blockchain. A Bitcoin address from your Bitcoin Vault wallets can be used to send and receive secure messages. When sending a message, scan the QR code or copy and paste the address where you want to send the message. The security features of the BitVault will require you to scan your fingerprint, scan your iris and scan your NFC card before a message can be sent. In order to receive a message, you will need to share your Bitcoin Vault wallet where you want to receive your message to the sender through the QR code or sharing the address. Your BitVault will notify you whenever you receive a new secure message. Secure messaging also allows for transfer of photos or videos directly from your BitVault across the private Blockchain. Once the messages are read and downloaded, it will be deleted from the Blockchain and it will be up to the user to decide to keep it on the local BitVault storage.

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