In the send Bitcoin window, you can send Bitcoin to a recipient address. An estimated USD equivalent value will be shown on screen when you enter a Bitcoin amount. You can add a description for the transaction into the description box which will be sent as part of the transaction. Select the address from which you want to send Bitcoin from the dropdown menu, each address in the dropdown list will have its balance indicated next to it. The transaction amount must be greater than or equal to the available balance minus the transaction fees. If you don’t have enough Bitcoin in your wallet, a popup box will appear indicating insufficient balance. When you click on the “Send to Vault” checkbox, the amount will be transferred to your vault. When clicking on the send button an invoice screen will appear indicating the details of the transaction.

When you click on the “Empty to Vault” button, all the Bitcoin in the wallet will be automatically transferred to the vault. A confirmation popup will appear if the transaction was successful, otherwise a failed popup will appear.

Send Bitcoin
Figure 9 Send Bitcoin